Re-Imagine - See The Beauty That's Already There

Let’s face it …
Family silverware is mostly a thing of the past.
But does that make it any less beautiful or special?
Of course not!

Re-Love - Newer Isn't Always Better

From jewellery to candleholders, sculptures and other home decor items, here are some pieces that are already made and just waiting to be shipped!

Reinvented - Uncovering The Artist Within

My name is Cindy and I make art and jewellery from silverware. It is my hope that by breathing new life into these things I can help to uncover their innate beauty and make them usable again. Just like my silverware, I see my life as a work of art; a product of creativity and continual evolution.

Custom Work - Give Your Old Silverware A Second Life

Do you have silverware that is locked up in a cupboard or hidden in a drawer somewhere? Together, we can work to enhance the beauty and preserve the sentimental value of your heirlooms. Or would you rather order a custom piece made with silverware from my collection? Let me help!