10 Things Creative People Must Do

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  1. Artists should create in the same way they love: Entirely or not at all.
  2. When working, their hands should be moved by the same kind of passion that urges        them to “go harder” and “don’t ever stop”.
  3. They should create violently, profusely, viscerally, devastatingly, in love.
  4. They should be moved by nostalgic longings for something that might never come.
  5. Because of this, they must promise to follow their inspiration wherever it goes.
  6. Artists have an obligation to reveal the truth hidden inside of them; they must share it  with the world. Doing so is the ultimate act of self-sacrifice and eternal love.
  7. They must break their own hearts and make art with the pieces.
  8. They must be as sincere in their work as they are in the midst of a late night conversation with a lover and friends.
  9. They must let their art consume them, and once there’s nothing left, they must still give it more.
  10. They must learn to love their loneliness. 


* I did not create this. If anybody knows who did, please let me know so I can give due credit. I just love it too much not to share!

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