Cutting Jewellery from Silverware

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People ask me at all the time, “How do you cut designs into silverware?” so I thought I’d do a little time-lapse video showing my process.

I’m always inspired by my home in Muskoka – the rugged landscape and windswept trees – and although I really wanted to get outside for a hike or go camping, duty was calling me up to the studio instead. I decided to create another tree pendant this morning to demonstrate.

I am self-taught so there are likely other (possibly better) ways, but this is what has worked for me. Certainly there are a lot of steps and it is a very time consuming, painstaking process! That is why rather than bore you with 2-3 hours of slow moving video of my work, or a crap tonne of photos, I have chosen to share in this way. Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions (I broke 12 saw blades during the making of this pendant, btw)…..or if you’re a pro that has any tips!


Interested in purchasing this pendant? Buy it here.


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