Fall Clean-Up

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I cleaned and organized my studio early last week for a video shoot. It really, really, really needed it. As much as I aspire to be a neat and tidy person, I’m beginning to resign to the fact that it’s never going to happen for me. At least not as far as my studio space is concerned, anyway. When I create I am like some sort of Tasmanian Devil character, not letting anything stand in my way or interrupt my creative flow and leaving a wake of destruction in my path. That wouldn’t be so bad if at the end of the day I habitually put everything away, but usually by then I am hurriedly wrapping things up so I can rush off to pick up my kids and drive them here and there and all over the countryside for their extra curricular activities (one downside of living in paradise).

Every morning I wake up, write my intentions for the day, and somehow “clean the studio” just never makes that list.

What can I say? That’s just me.

But that means when I get a call from a film maker who is creating a new series for CBC Arts, wondering if he can feature me for one of the episodes (true story….SQEEE!!) I become frantic. Well, first I reply with an emphatic “Yes, of COURSE!”…and then I become frantic because I can’t see my floor for all of the silver and don’t have an available supply of hard hats and steel toed boots for the film crew. Yikes!!  And I begin to spin out how I am going to carve out an extra day or two in my schedule to devote to cleaning up and clearing out. 

So, here’s the thing, and first I must say, I am extremely grateful for all of the generous silverware donations I’ve received over the years, but my studio is small and there is only just one, little ‘ol disorganized me. To say I am drowning in silver is kind of an understatement. I view it as wonderful problem to have, I mean, who knows when these things will become rare and hard to get my hands on? So I keep accepting more and more in hopes of securing my future as an up-cycler of silverware. I just need to get better at managing it all.

But I digress. I cleaned the studio.

Well, it wasn’t pretty, but I got it done. I brought in some new (old) shelving, packed some things away in my basement, and anything that didn’t survive the cull went to scrap. Clearing some space allowed me to actually get the sweeping and dusting and tidying done. And now (for now) I am organized!  We spent three days shooting inside and outside of the studio and it went quite well, I think! I will be sure to share the episode once it airs. My space should look pretty sweet on film, and I, the orderly, pulled together person I aspire to be. All in all, I feel pretty good about it. Even if it is a lie.  😉


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  • Wendy

    Before studios came kitchen tables mounted high with jewellery making supplies and an artist eatting on the couch! Ironically I cleaned up part of my kitchen table (my studio) and found some great treasures beckoning to be birthed into something new!

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