“Higher Perspective” – My Silverware Mirror Sculpture

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I’ve decided to do a little “throwback” sharing this morning about a piece a made nearly 2 years ago now.

The idea came out of a dream, which sometimes happens. I was on the verge of waking up one morning when I saw this mirror, clear as day, in my mind’s eye. It felt so symbolic….and so important to make. Alas, I wasn’t able to start straight away for various reasons,  so I sketched it out, and then it sat in my head wanting to be made for about 6 months before I found the time to birth my vision into life.


Around that same time I was really struggling with a piece commissioned by my Mother-in-Law. My intention was to create a wall sculpture for her ballet school and I was trying (way too hard) to create a landscape piece in which the trees looked like dancers. I drew various sketches, and started and stopped working on this landscape for months. I just couldn’t get it right. It took some time before I realized I already had the perfect concept in mind for this job…A piece that would (hopefully) inspire and help the dance students to view themselves in a true and divine light, and see their own potential. I named the sculpture “Higher Perspective” before I even began working on it.

Several months later I received a donation of a serving platter that was the exact shape of the mirror that I had envisioned. It just showed up in my hands and I knew it was time to start.

As always, I wasn’t certain of how this piece was going to come together. All I knew was that I had the perfect base piece, and a heck of a lot of knife blades that would make the perfect feathers. So after finding and attaching just the right wing “bones”, I started to gather up my knives and cut off the blades.

After I found just the right pieces to construct the bones of the wings, it was time to start adding the knife blades. wanted the wings to be as anatomically correct as I could, so I also began researching and collecting images of birds wings so that I could carefully lay them out in a realistic way.


After I had the first row of feathers attached to the “mirror” with rivets  I could see that they were going to need more texture and definition. I decided to solder forks over the tops of the wings to create smaller, wispier feathers . That would also ensure that the end result wouldn’t have any blunt cuts or rivets showing, because they’d be hidden as I continued to layer over top.


As with every project I dive into, there are always good days and bad days. There were some days that I was so discouraged I thought about throwing in the towel, altogether. But my vision is clear and unrelenting……and I’m crazy stubborn when it comes to seeing a project through to its completion. Stubborn, or determined? Regardless, it keeps me up at night, yet serves me well in the end.

I don’t know what it is that happens overnight, but I can leave the studio feeling completely defeated and ready to give up on a project, and then come in the next morning and feel totally confident and ready to take it on again. Yet, nothing has changed but my perspective.

Stepping away from the project is part of the work. Perhaps just as important as the “doing”.

Once I had the wings completed, it was time to make a trip over to my very skilled and talented friend Sheldon’s place to get some help with installing a mirror inside of the serving platter.

I was SOOOO Excited. I could barely contain myself!!

Luckily, Sheldon works quickly and only made me wait a couple of days to see the finished sculpture. 🙂

Mirror Installation

I was more than thrilled with the final result. The mirror was just as I had dreamt it……and the perfect piece to hang on the wall of the ballet school.

It is my hope that every time dancers from the Bracebridge School of Ballet enter their studio, they can look in the mirror and see themselves as they truly are: Gods and Goddesses in human form. Earth Angels, with the ability to soar. Souls who carry a higher perspective in this life, and who use it to live their dreams and spread love to all they meet.

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