I Believe in Skeletons ~poem~

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Once, I believed
in the songs of meadowlarks
and the secret mists of early mornings.
I held that dreams must sail
on ardent breezes and rest in the gentleness
of a warm, springtime embrace.
I believed in the promise of promises,
the vibrancy of youth
and a future, forever unfolding.
So many moments
written and spent
wandering from one turning page
to the next
in search of some other place and time.
Lost on a wish to be lulled
by some nourishing blindness
and held by some warmer season.
I waited and watched
as a lone insect made the long journey
across each page
and off the edge of the earth.
Just so that I might, at last,
gather enough courage to close the book.
Today I believe in skeletons.
I believe in the depth of frozen ponds,
in husks and shells
and long forest shadows.
I wander the wilderness
as green fades to grey.
A history not lost,
but forever a sparkle behind my eye.
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