Hi There, Remember Me?

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Summer is in full swing….half way over already, actually!

I have been virtually MIA. That often happens this time of the year as I try to juggle all the aspects of my busy life. I tend to be both an introvert AND and extrovert, but with all of the markets and shows during the Summertime, the scales really tip in favour of my extrovert. I have learned that for the sake of my sanity, I really need to carve out space for alone time, as well…..Hence my decision to drop off the face of the internet (blogging, social media) for the last month.

I’m on energy conservation mode, and “on-line” is what had to give. 🙂

But don’t worry,  I’ll be back. Currently, my online store is increasingly sparse, not because I have nothing to sell, but because turnover is quick and I can’t find the time to be continuously uploading new product. I promise I will remedy this in Sept. In the meantime, if you can’t get out to see me in person and are looking for something in particular, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or phone/text/telepathy.

A selection of my work can be found at Arts at the Albion, in Gravenhurst. I am also at Rosseau Market every Friday, and alternate between Bala and Port Carling markets, as well as Parry Sound. Again, don’t hesitate to contact me to ask which markets or shows I’ll be attending during any given week.

Hope you are having a great one and see you on the flip. XO

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