Moving to the country reawakened artist Cindy Kelly’s childlike creative spark

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From CBC Arts:

Cindy Kelly’s favourite days are when she walks into her studio without any idea of what she’ll make.

On those days she takes cues from her material of choice: upcycled silverware. “I’m following the lead of what the silver wants to be,” she tells filmmaker Jorden Lee.

It took moving to the Muskoka region in Ontario from Toronto to reawaken the creative spark in Kelly.

Being surrounded by nature again — much like she was in childhood — made all the difference.

“I really feel the part of myself that I access now are really deeply rooted in my childhood,” she says, explaining that the childlike sense of adventure, freedom and wonder sometimes get lost while growing up and maturing.

“I can access those parts of myself when I’m in the forest or surrounded by nature. And that’s where the creativity comes from.”

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