My Whale “Tale”

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I’ve been trying to make my daughter, Emma, jewellery for years. One would think she is a lucky girl, and although she is very sweet and polite and would never actually say this out loud……..I can tell that my gifts have not really been a huge hit! Well, I think she loves the idea of “jewellery by Mom” but when it comes down to it, I rarely (if ever), actually see her wearing my pieces.

This Valentine’s Day, determined to change that, I thought a little more about her style and the pieces that she does wear and decided that I would attempt to make something very small, delicate and understated, if you will…..And because she is a big fan of marine life and has her sights set on possibly studying Marine Biology after she graduates high school, I decided to make her a tiny whale tail pendant.

My first step was to Google “whale tail” and choose a silhouette to use as a guide.

Whale "Tale" Inspiration

Next, I chose her spoon. I decided to go with the tiniest, sterling silver demitasse spoon I could find. It just so happened it was a Niagara Falls souvenir spoon! That really didn’t matter because I was going to cut off the text portion of the spoon anyway. I took a sharpie pen and drew the tail onto the spoon and then sprayed a thin layer of acrylic sealing spray over it to prevent smudging.

Whale "Tale" Spoon

Next I clamped the spoon to my bench pin and began the cutting process, using my jeweller’s saw.

Cutting The Whale Tail

Once I was finished cutting I used my rotary tool and a few different bits to fine tune and smooth the shape of the tail, before cutting off the handle and looping it around to create a bail to string a chain through.

Shaping The Whale Tail

After a little polishing, and pairing with the appropriate chain, all that was left to do was wrap it up and anticipate her reaction!

The finished Whale Tail

Update: Valentine’s Day has arrived and she LOVES it! Mission accomplished! Even though she is under the weather and home from school today, she put it on immediately and I can just tell it will be one she actually wears.

My Happy Valentine

NOTE: I made a second Whale Tail that’s for sale on my online store.

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