The Making of a ReLOVED Creations Meditation/Spinner Ring

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Based on the ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheels, the meditation ring was designed to have one or several outer bands that can be spun around an inner (or base) ring. Spinner ringsĀ are believed to have a calming effect on the mind and body. Kind of like a fidget spinner for grown ups! šŸ˜‰

Making a meditation (spinner) ring is kind of like making 2 or 3 or even 4 rings in one. It is a multi step process.

I have say that there are probably many different ways of making one of these rings, but Iā€™ve decided to share how I make my particular version of the meditation ring.

When I decided to attempt my first ring I looked around at the raw materials I had in the studio and tried to visualize what would work best. Because the base of the ring must contain the other, thinner rings (or spinners) I would either have to make a ring and then hammer it into a concave shape to keep the other rings in place, or I would have to create something that had edges to keep the spinners from falling off.

I had a couple of little sterling silver napkin rings and thought they might do the trick, so I decided to give it a go!

Napkin Ring

The one I chose to work with that day (and continue to seek out for these rings) was just the right size. Wide enough to hold 2 or 3 spinners, yet not so wide that it might interfere with knuckle movement.

My first step is always to determine the size I would like to make the ring and carefully cut the napkin ring to the length I need. I do this with my jewellers saw. I then use my ring mandrel and vice to shape the new ring-to-be.


Ring Mandrel


Next I solder the base ring with a medium silver solder . The trick to making mediation rings is all in the soldering. Essentially the hardness (and melting points) of solders vary from extremely hard to extra easy. So, this means that if I am creating a mediation ring with 3 spinners, for example, I will need to use 3 different solders (or two if I solder the spinner at the same time). I start with the hardest (which has the highest melting point) and finish with the easiest (with the lowest melting point).

Soldering the Ring

Soldering is both a science and an art and the topic really requires a post of it’s own. There are many important steps involved, so perhaps I’ll explain in more detail another time!

Next, I put my base ring into my pickle pot.Ā Pickle is a liquid compound used to remove oxidation and flux from newly soldered jewelry. Because soldering metal produces oxidation on the outside of it, this is a necessary step used to clean the silver.Ā The metal can also be pickled before the soldering process to clean it.

For the actual spinners, I use regular and patterned wire that I purchase from a jewellery supply store. I know, I know! Not up-cycled, but it is a corner I have to cut so I donā€™t have to charge a thousand dollars per ring.Ā I like to use sterling for a uniformed look, or sometimes copper or brass when I’m in the mood for mixed metals.

Wire for Spinners

Next I measure where to cut the wire. Trial and error has taught me that the spinners need to be approx. 2 sizes larger than the base ring. I use my ring mandrel once again to shape the wire into rings.

Once I have my spinners shaped, I fit them over top of the base ring and use my vice to close the gaps and make the ends meet. This is a finicky process that just takes practice and a feel for the metal. Once I’m sure I have a tight joint on the spinner rings I go through the soldering process once again with an easier solder (lower melting point), so that the original joint on the base ring isn’t affected by the heat. Next, back into the pickle pot it goes before a final polish!

Because of the multiple joints in these rings it is imperative that the size is exact! There is no going back to alter things without having to completely rebuild the ring.

Meditation Ring

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post on how I make my meditation rings.

It maybe a little tekkie or nerdish, but hey, if you’re interested…..!



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