Tough Love ~poem~

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It occured to me after my last blog post, that maybe I should share my poetry here as well. When my first website was built I used to attach a poem to each piece of jewellery that I would post for sale. The reason I stopped doing that is because the poetry often had nothing to do with the piece I’d attach it to! I think I was trying too hard to merge the two worlds, which felt a bit inauthentic, so I stopped doing it. But my last site didn’t have a blog and this one does. 🙂

I share my poetry here and there on my personal Facebook page, which is really a perfect merge of all of my worlds, but it has limited reach. I feel like this might be a bit of a stretch still, but I dunno. Maybe my brain is just over-thinking it and being a scaredy cat….as brains tend to do. It feels like a good idea.

So what the heck. Here goes:


I’ve planted seeds
Along the base of my spine
Where I’ve started to build

Wildflowers and climbing vines
And cherry trees

They say it isn’t wise
That roots will crack
A good foundation
That tendrils erode
The strongest mortar

But I don’t build the way I used to

I don’t need this wall to last

There will be gaps in the bricks
And I’ll welcome each one
So that I can safely look through

So that I can still see you

Come Wintertime
The wind and snow will enter in
But this heart won’t slip
Through the cracks

I’ve designed it that way

Because sometimes coldness
Is kindness



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