True Nature

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My piece “True Nature” was inspired by my love of wildlife and a “chance” wolf sighting I had in January, 2018. I had just finished a hike at the Torrance Barrens and as I was driving out of the parking area I locked eyes with a wolf beside the road. He froze for a moment, giving me enough time to process what I was seeing and to grab my camera for a photo as he ran past me.

It was a meaningful encounter for me.


When I was 16 years old I had the honour and the privilege of being invited into a Native American sweat lodge. It was a life shaping experience which stayed with me and has influenced much of my spirituality to this day. It was this same evening that I spotted my first wolf. Or at least I believed I saw it….yet when asked the others, nobody else had. Upon later speaking with an elder about my “ghost wolf”  I was told that this animal was my totem and that I should learn more about the animal, what I may have in common with it and how it might guide me in my life. At the time this felt SO important, yet I really didn’t see the connection, as much as I tried to understand what it could mean.

I feel as though I have spent my whole life, since early childhood, trying to find my way. Up until recent years, I’ve tried on many roles and I’ve lived what feels like many lives, but have always felt like somewhat of an imposter in my own skin…like something just wasn’t aligned. The timing of this latest wolf sighting was perfect. At this time, as I feel that I’m coming home to myself, the connection with this animal couldn’t be stronger and more real.

This time, the wolf wasn’t a ghost. And I took a photo to be sure of it. 🙂

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