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Something is shifting.

I don’t know what it is yet, but I sense it is time to expand in some way. I love my work and would be happy making my art until the end of time, but I feel like there is something more I’m meant to be doing. Something more I can offer.

But what?

I have been asked to teach classes before, and maybe it’s that. But I get the sense that what’s calling me is beyond the physical act of making of things. Although working with others, on some level, definitely feels right.

But it really isn’t about making “the things”. It never has been.

Right from the beginning, my work has always been about honouring our history, and about reimagining and re-loving what we already have into the present. It’s about taking what is old, and perhaps not usable in our lives anymore and giving it new purpose and new sparkle. It’s not just about the things. The things are really just a reflection of a larger process of loving ourselves….piece by piece…..into the present moment. Microcosm-macrocosm. It’s about honour and forgiveness……about reconciliation. Through embracing all of these parts of ourselves and our history, we create something not new and separate, but something beautifully evolved with love and intention. This is SO healing. I know, because I’ve lived it.

How can I better carry this message into a world that is so in need of healing right now? The majority of people on our planet fail to see the beauty in what’s already there. I know this with ALL of my being….and see that is killing us. It is a disease of the mind and spirit – this belief that we aren’t already enough….that we need more, bigger, better, newer.

We have enough STUFF.  It doesn’t make us happy. It’s not what we are here for, and it doesn’t fill the empty, love shaped hole in our lives.

I could keep writing…and I intend to. I can keep making…and I intend to. But how else can I be of service?

I am open to what comes.

Putting my thoughts out there and hitting “share.”

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