Wine or Wristlets?

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Somebody recently donated these wonderful wine goblets to my “cause”. I absolutely love them because they are two toned – silver on the outside and brass on the inside. I thought that they would make really great bracelets because they are just the right width….and I love that two-toned look!


The first thing I did was use a bangle of my own to trace guiding lines on the goblet with a sharpie. I then took the goblet and secured it in my vice before using my jeweller’s saw to begin cutting it into strips. Now, I know there must be a faster way to do this, but we use the tools that we have to get the job done, right?!

Once I had made my cuts (which took a ridiculous amount of time) I introduced my wristlets to both my bench grinder and my rotary tool to even and smooth out the edges.

Next I decided to add texture to the bracelets with my texturing hammer.

After a little more smoothing out with my rotary tool, and some polish, these wristlets were ready for a wrist! (mine of course) 😉


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