“Work in Progress” – It’s a Verb and a Noun.

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I view the practice of art as well as the practice of being an artist itself, as a ‘work in progress’. I suppose that being human is a ‘work in progress’. It’s a verb. It’s a noun.

I often share my ‘work in progress‘ through social media and much of the time, my purpose in doing so is so that I’ll be able to refer back to the development of a sculpture or piece of jewellery at some point in the future. However, I’ve noticed that I sometimes get comments like, “Oh, I like it just like this.”…..”Please don’t do anything more to it – I think it’s done.”

Sometimes those comments cause me to second guess myself. Am I overworking things? Am I missing something more simple or profound? So much of my process is intuitive and feelings based and……personal. But the moment I share with all of you it becomes less personal, doesn’t it?  And I guess that’s good! After all, my art is not meant for me, nor is it ever really mine to begin with.

Sometimes those comments are tempting to follow, but I’m getting better at trusting my intuition all the time. Those comments are also a good reminder of how we each see a work differently and according to our point of view as well as our life’s experience. And that’s a big part of what makes art so fascinating and wonderful.

What I love about the practice of art is that it’s amazing at every stage – that’s why I do it. Sure, there’s an idea – a concept and image in my mind for the work, but that vision is never exactly what ends up as the finished piece. If we let it, it’s a journey that is constantly changing and flowing, like life itself. I know we all have ideas about what our lives should be like, but rarely do they turn out how we envision them. But it is up to us to allow them to evolve into something artful and beautiful.

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